Grey moonstone redgold     520€
Earrings bicolour blackened silver  295€
Hammered 18k gold earrings. Various sizes possible  420€
Earrings *Blubb* bicolour 3 small elements  105€
Earrings *Blubb* 14k 2 small elements  420€
Doble earrings with amethyst or Olivin   295€
Earrings 14k gold with lemonquartz  510€
Gold earrings 14k with amethyst   495€
Silver earring with various stones possible  180€ each pair
Earrings silver with white pearls  290€
Earrings bicolour with white pearls  315€
Earrings *pulpo* silver with white coral   155€
Earrings *pulpo* silver with white pearls  155€
Earrings silver caps with white pearls  155€
Creole silver with 14k gold wire  490€ 
Creole silver with silver wire  320€ 
Creole 3/4 silver  160€