Bracelet sterling silver with two silver skulls  355€
Bracelet blackened sterling silver with six silver skulls  695€
Bracelet *Blubb* matted silver links  125€
Bracelet *Blubb* 14k small gold links. Price on request.
Bracelet *Blubb* bicolour small links  145€
Leatherbracelet *Karo* black with silver ends  125€
Leatherbracelet *Karo* beige with blackened silver ends  125€
Bracelet sterling silver with 6 *Bone* elements  550€

Leatherbracelet *Poker* beige with silver ends  195€

Leatherbracelet *Poker* black with blackened silver ends  195€

Silver bangle with a blackened and molten surface  495€

Silver bangle hammered and molten silver with brown diamonds   Price on request

Silver bangle *Zopf* made out of 30 individual silver hoops  895€

Silver bangle *Zopf tricolour* made out of 21 individual gold and silver hoops   price on request

Silver bangle with dragon heads   790€