Ring silver wire with tahiti pearl.   750€
Ring silver wire with whte freshwater pearl.   720€
Wired rings only silver or bicolour with precious stones.   Price on request
Ring silver wire with Amethyst (other colores available).   590€
Ring flat silver wire with a mix of coloured diamonds.   Price om request.
Hammered silver ring *model Nico* with 11 diamonds.   Price on request
Doble silver ring with 7 x 0,03ct. brown diamond.   695€
Sterling silver ring molten with a diamond mix.   Price on request
Sterling silver ring plain hammered band with brown diamonds.   price on request 
Sterling silver ring *Fulda* with 1,05ct. of brown diamonds  price on request
Sterling silver ring *Fulda* molten silver with a diamond  450€
Sterling silver rings setting with holes and a zircon.   Each 320€
Sterling silver suspension ring *Obelix L 8mm* with a citrine.  495€
Sterling silver suspension ring *Obelix* with a topaz  205€
Sterling silver rings with *perfil*.   Each 85€ (gold price on request)
Sterling silver ring *Anemonae* with white pearls.   420€
Sterling silver ring *model Nico XL* hammered.  450€
Sterling silver rings, hammered & molten black or white.   Each 320€
Sterling silver ring *leafes*.   Each 150€
Sterling silver ring *Carpe Diem, Carpe Noctem* in silver 150€. With 2 diamonds 295€.
Blackened silver ring with skull motives and 4 brown diamonds.  920€