Green amethyst pentagon, set in sterling silver  750€
Triangular amethyst set in silver  575€
Silver pendant *buckler* with a garnet (aprox. 8cm)  290€
Silver pendant with manikin motives and a quartz (aprox. 5cm)  500€
Silver pendant round *Anemone* with pearls  275€
Silver pendant sun with a Mabeepearl  375€
Silver heart (aprox. 6cm) made out of silver wire  305€
Silver coin pendant *Buddha*  (reverse side *Om* motive)  110€
Silver coin pendant *Om*  110€  (reverse side with a Buddha motive)
Silver feather big (aprox. 14cm)  320€
Silver feather small (aprox. 6cm)  165€
Silver pendant anchor big (aprox. 5cm)  215€
Silver cross molten silver (aprox. 6cm)  155€
Silver cross XL (aprox. 8cm)  290€
Silver coral (aprox. 5cm)  230€
Silver shell pendant  175€
Seahorse in silver, big (aprox. 10cm)  295€
Seahorse in silver, small (aprox. 6cm)  165€
Seastar in silver big (aprox. 10cm)  350€
Silver disc molten silver (aprox. 4,5cm)  240€
Silver pendant made out of 15 individual rings (aprox. 9cm)  280€